Saturday, June 29, 2019



Justin banse said...

These old circus photos are always interesting to see what old tricks big cats used to be taught! Which cats were the hardest to train?

Roger Smith said...

The ones you're wearing, is the usual answer.

The most learned insiders on the subject give the "most difficult" title to the jaguar. They are highly intelligent, but tough beyond their worth, and aside from being as dangerous as Polar bears, are almost impossibly stubborn. Court, revered as a master trainer, recounted that it took him 2 years just to seat-break a jaguar. At Jungleland, I had one young jag, Casey, who was a great guy. But when he matured, he turned pure jaguar, and was far too dangerous to count on. I retired him as a breeder, and am damn glad I did.

Two women had success with jaguars. Mme. Louise Morelli, on the Frank Bostock shows, and Miss Vallecita, billed for a time with 8 black jaguars. Others did claim them in their acts, but very few kept them for long.