Monday, March 25, 2019


 Although I've enjoyed helping to keep "Buckles Blog" alive & well

 It seems so few folks are interested or at least not interested enough

 to add their comments to show that they are part of this enterprise

 Unless I see some cooperation in this manner I'm not very certain

 that there is sufficient reason for my time consuming efforts

 "Let's see what happens" as the Twitter in Chief would say


Tom said...

I’ve been following this blog for years and make it a point to view it everyday.

Don said...

I'm amazed at the amount of content that you provide us every day. It's always a treat to log in and see what you have in store for us.

Keep up the good work.

Don Covington

Unknown said...

You're disappointed? We'd be even more disappointed if you pulled the pin now.

Some of us in our 70's are not retired and just don't have the time to make the comments that we otherwise would.

Doesn't mean that we don't check in every day and appreciate the work that you put into this.


Ken said...

You would leave a gap greater than you realize, I believe.

I too do not miss a day visiting you site.

Never been with it, but my love for circus history is one of the three big reasons to greet the day at 77. The other two are my wonderful wife, and a high school football hobby, which is only seasonal (football is seasonal, not my wife).

I was a member of CHS and CMB for many years, and have collected back issues of White Tops for years also from Barry DeChant and Pete Adams.

I appreciate the blog very much, but of course, do not have circus experience to comment.

fhotzel said...

What Ken said

Mr.Lee said...

Don't leave us Chic ! I like hundreds of others wake up with my coffee and this blog ! I comment time to time but I am out here on the road with this blog everyday !! It is my morning ritual . I suppose I should comment more, but you for one know how shy I am !! Please don't got he way of big Bertha !

Bob Swaney said...

The only way to start the day!

John Shepherd said...


This blog is a treasure-trove of information for those of us who are students of the circus. As students, we may not comment as frequently as the veteran practitioners of the art, but we value greatly even the short comments from those veterans. For us, the blog is a direct link to the past. Keep it going.


Ronald Finch said...

Please do not stop!!! What a wonderful blog, full of history you cannot find anywhere else!!!

Al Snow said...

I ALWAYS read and appreciate your blog.

Andrew Bakner said...

I don't comment on the photos because I don't know much about the subject matter but I've been reading the Blog everyday for as long as I remember. Please don't stop

Chic Silber said...

Thanks folks

Very encouraging notes

I just wish there were

more comments added

I'll get stuff up soon

Richard King said...

I read the blog first thing when I get up. Some times looking for it before you even have a chance to post. Some times I have something to say and I add my humble 2 cents. Some times I know nothing about the topic of the day so I just read others comments and learn something. Some times I have something to say but with age has come the experience to know when to keep my mouth shut. Hasn't always been that way, ask anyone who knows me. For days I have been going through the blog starting at the beginning just looking for stuff I missed the first time through. I had a couple of shows shot out from under me and got out of the business a little bitter. Recently with the help of my son who grew up around the business I've started to soften and this blog has been a way to keep track of old friends, relive the glory days of the business and see and learn what's going on today(which is great because no one comes to Baraboo and I don't blame them as everyone dies a horrible death here).

Keep up the good work.

mackeytableforone said...

Yes the others said it best All I can add is you and I have coffee every morning in southern Wisconsin. Cheers dear one!

Paul Gutheil said...

I have been with it (The Blog) and for it almost since the beginning and as others have stated , it's the first thing I look at on this thing each AM. I could not presume to comment on a lot of the postings, but, again, as others have similarly stated, I just about always learn something I did not know, or see something I have never seen and most likely never would see but for Buckles Blog. Your efforts are worthwhile and appreciated and each time you post a day you honor Buckles which to me is worth it in itself. Blog on!!

I do not know Richard King. But I must say I find his comments on Baraboo very disturbing. Those comments lead me to believe he is a very bitter man, which is sad. By the way I have a number of dear friends who live/work in and around Baraboo.

Eric said...


Your efforts are very much appreciated. Checking the Blog is one of the first things I do every morning when I first log onto the internet. While we can never fully appreciate the time and effort you are putting into keeping the blog going on a daily basis, it is a major source of enjoyment for more people than you realize. From now on I will make a better effort to provide comments so that you know I’m here.

Sue Lenz said...

Chic:  I have been reading "Buckles Blog" for many years now and I know it is a very time consuming job.  I think you are doing a great job and I hope you will continue as difficult as I know it is as there isn't the interest in Circus as it used to be, it seems to be a disappearing art now, but still some of us older folks enjoying reading about it, passed and present.I always try and comment on any English stuff IF I know the answer. Regards.Sue.

4pawfan said...

Ditto to what Paul and everyone else said. p.j.

Michael Butash said...


I do thank you for the great postings you do every day. After turning on my computer in the morning Buckles Blog is one of the first sites I go to. Sorry to say I don't post comments. Many times I don't know who the people are in the photos. I just enjoy looking at the photos for the circus history. I do hope you keep up the great blog.

Richard King said...

@ Paul Gutheil, I've been with a few shows that played Baraboo and while employed by CWM went to see a lot of friends when they played here and the shows always did poorly. People here in town never feel a need to go see a circus because they have one here in town they can go see anytime. Curiously, if you talk to people in town mostly you will hear, "I haven't been to Circus World since we went on a school trip. I remember Carson & Barnes 5 ring show only drawing a few hundred (I went with Sally Ringling Clayton-Jones). George Carden's fairground show never drew more than a couple hundred. Franzen drew about 300. Shows don't come closer than 15-20 miles from here. There's a thought that this is a circus town. It's a we got enough circus we don't need anymore town. Thirty years of experience has taught me this.

How many of your friends, not involved with the circus have been to one recently?

Guess I haven't learned as much about keeping my mouth shut as I thought I had. Guess I'll go back into lurk mode.

Circus Barry said...

You are a most important part of what's left of circus. Please keep the site going, mornings wouldn't be the same without you!

Charles Hanson said...

What you are doing is a "Labor of Love" and very time consuming. Like most, I read Buckles Blog each morning with coffee and would be lost without it. Maybe this will be a "Wake Up Call" to some who enjoy reading the Blog daily, but never find time to comment. Please know that all your work and dedication to the Blog is appreciated....and life would not be the same without it....As Sue pointed out, interest in the circus is not what it once was, and this is one of the few places left we can get a fix....

Wendy Tucker said...

I hope you continue Chic; as so many have said already, I look forward to this blog every day. It's informative and entertaining and helps keep the world of circus alive in our memories.

We all have our favourite topics, and we won't all be interested in the same things, but you have available to you such a vast wealth of photos and stories from all angles of the circus realm, that each day's postings are of interest to some.

I always prefer the animal pictures, and seeing people who I actually know is always a bonus, but with your knowledge and commentary and that of others, I have learned about rigging, lighting, ring curbs, transportation and lots of other things that I would have missed in the pictures without the explanations.

I think a little less criticism of others who post comments, or of you for the content on any given day, is in order. As Thumper's mother always said, "if you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nuthin' at all".

Having said that, if someone has a comment or question that is not putting down another living person, they should be able to say or ask without fear of someone criticizing them. For example, that tiny little bastard is dead, so why not tell the truth about what a little shit he was.... "Big Bertha" is dead, so why not say whatever one feels about that?

I hope that you keep doing this Chic, as so many of us really appreciate your efforts! When it gets to be too much, I hope there will be someone as capable as you have been, to carry it on for years to come.

Roger Smith said...

If I was there, I'd throw in to help with this. Help, but not take over, as from what I see, the tech aspects are beyond those of a washed-up cagehand. But like others are saying, this starts my day while my coffee brews. Let this one not follow other circus sites, and circus titles, to oblivion.

Larry Louree said...

Like many, the Blog is part of my daily routine many days. Sometimes in the motning, sometimes in the evening. Like many, most of what I've learned about our history has come from this Blog. It's how I'm learning about the rich history of the Circus. Through this blog I've made more circus friends, and loosing this blog would leave a huge gap in my life

Chic Silber said...

I've learned a great lesson today

A very humbling experiece indeed

I didn't intend my missive to be

as if I was crying in my soup

It reminds me of some pathetic

has been ham actor pleading for

a standing ovation (& gets it)

Many thanks to all for the kind

words of encouragement

I'll keep doing the best I can

Not always on any schedule

Unknown said...

Please keep up your efforts! This blog has always been a happy and informative part of my day... it would be a very sad day if the news from the past and present went away! Many thanks, Bob Kellogg

Unknown said...



Paul Gutheil said...

Richard King, No harm, no foul. I better understand where you are coming from now. Keep on commenting.
I and my late wife Diane have only been to Baraboo/CWM twice, in 1994 and in 2002. Both of our visits were exceptionally wonderful. I am proud to say that many of my photographs are in the archives. Again, no harm, no foul.

Jim said...

Your comments are very much appreciated and we do read them. We just don't have the time to respond sometimes. Please continue posting.

Chic Silber said...

Thanks Jim but if you want me

to make the time then please

also make some time yourself

at least every once in a while

My time is just as limited

Rick Whelan said...

I've been an avid follower of the Buckles blog for quite a few years. Finally figured out how to add my name to the comments section (I'm old!) I Love the pictures and info about circus days long since past ... but which were once a very integral part of my life. Please know you are appreciated!

Hal Guyon said...

I have always enjoyed the blog and contributed many picture and comments in the past. I found out on October 17,of last year that I have pancreatic cancer and it`s had me slowed down. I've had 10 chemo treatments and just now getting to where I can do a few things, but I`ll always support the blog as long as I can. I`m not out of the woods yet, but the doctors are giving me a thumbs up and I`m staying positive.
Thanks for all you do,
Hal Guyon