Sunday, February 10, 2019



Chic Silber said...

This is Jim Kowalczik who

is married to Susie Rix

They have a few BIG bears

at their own farm not far

from the Rix family farm

in Middletown NY where

Jeannette still keeps both

bears & special purpose

German Shepherds that she

breeds for police work

Paul Gutheil said...

Wonderful family the Rix's .

Paul Gutheil said...

I believe Susie still goes out with their Big Bear exhibit and are annual favorites at The Big E in W Springfield, Mass.

Richard Reynolds said...

This a big grizzly. Dangerous as heck.

Roger Smith said...

Yes, looking at those claws. Puts me in mind of the late Bart, Doug and Lynne Seus's Alaskan Kodiak. He starred in an impressive number of films, weighing a reported 1,779 pounds and standing 9' 7.5" tall. Bart was euthanized with cancer in 2000, at age 23.

I still feel quite content having stuck to big cats.

Paul Gutheil said...

Years ago I asked Gunther why he never worked bears. At this point in time I cannot recall his exact words but I would say " too unpredictable" would be a good start.

Charles Hanson said...

No expert on bears, but I have been told that the facial expressions never change. So a happy look and a ready to attack look could all be the same.....