Tuesday, January 08, 2019



Chic Silber said...

The young lady with the big pole

will be inducted into our Circus

Ring of Fame this Sunday the 13th

just exactly 1 month before her

83rd birthday on February 13th

She is actually the last of the

true Wallendas by birth name

Chic Silber said...

Carla had 2 sons Enrico "Ricky" & Mario

with her 1st husband Eugenio Bogino

A daughter Rietta with her 2nd husband

Paul Jordan & daughter Valerie with her

3rd husband Richard "Chico" Guzman

Roger Smith said...

What is she walking on?

Chic Silber said...

Looks like a pipe Roger

Simple setup with no need

for guying out but would

ony work with a tyke

Might be a balance pole