Monday, August 06, 2018

O & P #8


Chic Silber said...

Walter Kernan was a partner

with McClosky (see previous)

until his early death in 63

Both Walter & Frank married

2 gorgeous "Digger Pugh" girls

Brenda (for Frank) & Bonnie

Roger Smith said...

Kenny Dodd told me Kernan was the one man who provided true heart to the show. He was well-liked by everyone, and sure enough, when he died, Kenny says the heart went right out of the backyard. It is said that Pinito del Oro returned to this country for the Beatty show due to Kernan's secret love for her. Few may recall that he fought in the prize ring under the name of Punchy Forbes.

Rumors persist that when Kernan and the McClosky team was fired on the Ringling show, he utterly destroyed the interior of his luxurious living quarters on the train.