Saturday, August 11, 2018



Chic Silber said...

The car behind the Cord might

be his 1930 Lincoln Saloon

Roger Smith said...

In 1995, my son and I went to the Imperial Car Museum, in Las Vegas. There we saw the car they identified as the "Tom Mix Death Car". I reflected on the 6 "Bonnie and Clyde Death Car" exhibits I'd seen. If it was genuinely his, OK. But I found no remaining damage that went with the stories of an overturned wreck. Mix is said to have approached a construction site, with barriers up to prevent crossing what was a bridge washed out by a flash flood. His speed on Arizona Hwy 79 was estimated to have been 60 mph, and he could not slow and stop in time. The story says his car swerved twice, went toward the wash and overturned. A heavy aluminum suitcase, filled with cash and jewels was propelled from the back seat shelf, and struck him, breaking his neck. He was 60. The scene is some 18 miles south of Florence, and a monument stands to this day to commemorate his place of death.

SEE CHIC'S "1937 Cord Phaeton" below for better details on the car.

Roger Smith said...

Friends of mine in Waco, TX, had a Cord in the early 1950s, mainly because it got them attention for being rare by then. Theirs was in need of extensive repair and hurting for a paint job, but nobody else in town could boast of a Cord.