Friday, July 06, 2018



Chic Silber said...

This was the Cristiani Alley

in the mid 50s where Kenny

got his start in clowning

He is on the far right

Billy McCabe is 3rd from the

left in a checkered ruffle

Roger Smith said...

And Jimmy Douglas stands L of Kenny Dodd. Jimmy was a master of wardrobe and created impressive effects for the Specs of a number of shows. He also had an enviable collection of old-time Taylor circus trunks, and I've never known of their disposition after Jimmy passed.

Roger Smith said...

Forgot to note,the midget here is Baghongi, who I believe came over with the Cristianis.

Charles Hanson said...

Saw Bagonghi work his coke bottle routine on Cristian Bros. Circus...He would balance a coke bottle on a stick and after several near falls, and trips...He always saved the balance of the coke bottle on the stick. When exiting the ring, he would throw the stick on his shoulder with the coke bottle facing downward (gaffed) and the audience loved it. They knew he had pulled a fast one on them ...It was very funny ..Sometime simple is the best.