Tuesday, July 10, 2018



Chic Silber said...

Every president should have

an emotional service animal

Roger Smith said...

Henry Tyndall had the actual Tarzan chimps, all three of whom played Cheetah. His lead chimp was Peggy in the 12 Johnny Weissmuller films, the 7 starring Lex Barker, and the 16 Jungle Jim films, again starring Weissmuller. For that series, Peggy played Tamba. She had the lead for both Bonzo pictures, backed up by two stand-ins, and Peggy went home with a PATSY Award as best animal actor.

The one Bonzo picture with Reagan was BEDTIME FOR BONZO, in 1951. He turned down 1952's hurry-up sequel, BONZO GOES TO COLLEGE. Both films were directed by a young Fred de Cordova, who later rose to producer of THE TONIGHT SHOW for most of the 30 Johnny Carson years.