Thursday, February 22, 2018


Had this Tomb Stone made shortly after our Marriage over a half-century ago in Hugo, Oklahoma!
Now in our eighties we will shortly need to make use of it!
Any suggestions?
Would it be easier to ship it down here?.....or ship us up there!


boppabill said...

Cremate and Fed-Ex

Chic Silber said...

Yup urns ship cheap

Remains quite dear

Or some pal with an

elephant truck

(don't rush things)

This coming Monday

is just another day

(so to speak)

Bob Swaney said...

Mt Olivet is a veritable resting place pantheon of circus greats.

Larry Louree said...

Leave stone there and ship the urn.

Roger Smith said...

Better yet, don't die. Am I the only one to think of that??

Barbara Woodcock said...

I think we made the decision to put it there. So leave it be. Buckles likes to kid about things like that .....Barbara......