Friday, February 23, 2018

#4 50's RB!

I asked my Father where the "Arky" came from and he said when he first joined out he was tagged "Arkansas Slim" which is a lot better than "Buckles"!


Chic Silber said...

I think Buckles is just great

You could have been called Buckled

which would have been much worse

Not likely another with your name

certainly not in our industry

Roger Smith said...

Arky is the nickname that stuck, but Eugene Howard Scott was a native of Louisiana. His death certificate has father and mother as unknown. This parentless origin coincides with his later escape from a Dickensian boys home, of the type we had in Texas, where the boys were subject to systematic molestation, torture, and overwork. It is my belief Arky first came upon Lee Bros. Circus, and like many on the lam, realized at once it would provide a blessed haven for anonymity. He told me he was never sure how old he was, but when we lost him in 1968, the officials of Ventura County put his age down as 62.