Friday, February 23, 2018

#17 50's RB!

Whoever made this comment hit the nail on the head!
Benny White closed out the season!


Wade G. Burck said...

Just crazy to see something like this. All those babies must have been a terror!! All thing's considered, I suggest Okie Carr and crew had a tougher time, as they didn't have near the number of anchor bulls. Up side is they basically stepped out of the truck and got chained up, as opposed to these folk's heading down the road. Amazing.

Wade Burck

Richard Reynolds said...

That clipping is from me as are the comments. The photo appeared in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper in 1956.

Note the giraffe wagon bringing up the rear. The show only took one giraffe on the road that year. Reason - - The female Ingrid started to give birth just after her wagon was loaded on the train in Sarasota. It was immediately taken off and returned to he giraffe barn where she delivered a healthy calf.