Saturday, October 21, 2017

To Chic

Peggy MacDonald and "Opal".
In answer to Chic's question, I've trained this trick quite a few times, in fact three rings at once on the Ringling Show but none as good as this!


Chic Silber said...

Thanks Buckles I well remember

that 3some on RB Blue 78-79

Roger Smith said...

Opal and Peggy MacDonald. I'm grateful to have a big-size copy of this photo. After 4 visits to New Braunfels to see her and the Pallenbergs, once with Bill Johnston, the last time I saw Peggy was when she brought her 95-year-old mother to visit the Plunkett show. It was 1990, in San Antonio. Peggy had her invalid mother fixed up in the back of her van, and backed it in so she could see the show. Peggy was noted for her quiet saintliness,and this was a prime example.