Thursday, August 03, 2017

#6 Polack Bros.

They had a year at Louis Goebles' place in Thousand Oaks to train the act which turned out to be a big mistake.
Suddenly jumping out into the real world proved to be a real challenge.


Jim Alexander said...

Buckles, I recall your comment about your father's training little elephants, something like "you need to take them out to see they're not the only things in the world".

Buckles said...

Exactly So!
.....or as Smokey Jones would say, "They took it on the Duffy!"

Billie Lou Henderson said...

Yes, Louis Stern wanted to open the new season with a big publicity spread for the new act. So even though the act was ready to go in record time Mr. Stern held them back. He did have the publicity ready to go and the Ed Sullivan show. They did work the act on some dates and made parades on occasion, but they don't come to mind. Also the elephants got bigger. I have some film from Thousand Oaks, and they were so cute. Peggy said it was hard to keep up enthusiasm all of the time, but as for the circus, Mr. Stern was right!

Grace Davis said...

In other words, it didn't take Mack a year to train them but Mr. Stern wanted to wait until the new season to take them out. In the mean time as Billie said they did play some dates before opening with the show.