Monday, July 31, 2017

#8 Ring Masters!

Parley Baer.


Roger Smith said...

My long-time dear friend, Parley Baer. We were introduced in June of 1966 by Mabel Stark, at Jungleland. It was my privilege to care for him 24/7 in his home, in Tarzana, and then at Motion Picture Hospital, for his last 14 months. He had a stroke in 1997 that cost him his speech, and thus his 70-year career as an actor. On November 11, 2002, he had a 2nd stroke which took his life on November 22, at age 88. Ten of us were with him at his passing. Parley and Ernestine are buried together at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.

Paul Gutheil said...

This is one man I had always hoped to meet and thank for his wonderful career.