Friday, July 07, 2017

#4 CWM

Two more well respected Bababoobians!


Chic Silber said...

Where is this bell wagon now

Paul Gutheil said...

Don't you mean three? Looks like the very talented David Saloutos seated on the Bell Wagon.

4pawfan said...

After Chappie passed away, the agreement was for the wagons taken from the state of Florida to go back to Feld.

stephen flint said...

David Salutos is on the bell wagon, Louie Paulson is on the ground to the left, Marv Gauger is on the ground to the right. The Bell Wagon is presently at the FELD Entertainment complex in Ellenton, FL. It was taken to Baraboo, WI for restoration (Marv Gauger and crew) in 1985. It remained in Baraboo until Feld requested its return- along with several other wagons (Lion & Snake, Lion & Galadiator, 2 clown fire trucks, and 2 Al G. Barnes baggage wagons) about 4 years ago.

4pawfan said...

Feld Entertainment had been changed to Feld Motorsports a few years ago. I discovered this when viewing the digital collection of the Circus World Museum. Feld Motorsports has made the Circus World Museum remove some of their films from the 20's and 30's because of copyright law. ( I am sure that the film makers of the time, had permission of either the Ringling's or their management to do their filming inside the big top. You just didn't march inside and set up your equipment without being given permission, and you would have had a lot of gear back then to lug in.)

You can Google- film collection-circus world digital collections
When the page comes up click again "film collection-circus world digital collections" and you have a page of different films available.

the cwm fm 13 has Jorgen Christianson's 24 horse liberty act

the cwm fm 326 is the four part Ringling film and the 3rd part of the film is the one blocked by Feld Motorsports.

All of these films are great if you like the history of the circus.
I can not understand why Feld would have the CWM remove historical film footage from their digital collection. I had viewed this many times and it has some great footage.
Their actions would be like baseball not supporting Cooperstown.

Chic Silber said...

Feld Motorsports is merely a

division of Feld Entertainment

not the new corporate title PJ

Feld Inc might indeed be above

the many other deep pockets

Many years ago it was changed

to I & K Productions Inc but

that didn't last very long

(Reminds me of Caspet Music)

Chic Silber said...

Perhaps he intends to add

a rocket powered hovercraft

under the bell wagon & then

send it out on his monster

truck demolition derby

4pawfan said...

Thank you for clearing up my mistake. The "Irvin and Kenneth Feld Productions Inc." changed to Feld Entertainment in 1996. I saw that Feld Motorsports had pulled the film from the Circus World Museum and assumed the name change to reflect the change of course of their business as they had done in 1996. Now why would the branch of Feld Inc that has Monster Jam and Supercross want to suppress the CWM's historical circus film collection?

Chic Silber said...

That title never had the full

names spelled out PJ just I & K

It went back to some version of

RBBBC Inc before it became Feld

There is likely a timeline but

it hardly matters now