Tuesday, July 11, 2017

#15 More Hugo

Col. Tim McCoy and Jack Moore on the Tex Carson Circus.
After Jack's death D.R. Miller bought the show, merged it with Kelly-Miller and renamed it Carson & Barnes.
My father asked him why and he said he had burned the K-M title up and had to change it.....a remark that puzzled me, the Millers never tolerated any Grift.


Harry Kingston said...

Before Ted Bowman died we had a long telephone on this.
Towards the end of KM Ted was over there looking out for D R's end as he had the concessions and Joe McMahon had the show part.
Well the performance end was not making money and lots of friction between the two.
Ted said at one time Joe had a gun and was looking him.
The show closed and driving it back to Hugo the state police stopped them and Ted talked his way out of that one.
Then tax trouble with the government and lot's of money owed them.
At first D R bought half of Jack Moore's as he was dead but his wife was still living and later bought the other half.
I saw Carson and Barnes with sky King etc.
And something I learned from Ted was D R had a truck whale show which I never knew.
And that is another funny story.