Friday, July 07, 2017

#12 CWM

The Sacred Goat!


Chic Silber said...

Certainly 1 of the most

rediculous attractions

A foolish way to attract

much negative attention

Roger Smith said...

The Felds compelled an unscrupulous DVM to transplant the horn buds on the skulls of baby goats so that they would grow into one horn. This allowed the Felds to claim their production had a "unicorn". Remember those glaring posters? The searing post-surgery suffering of the animals didn't matter to people who are this cold-hearted. The number of baby animals who died from these surgeries is unknown, but the Felds cast survivors in this starring role. Their cruelty became quickly spotlighted, and Kenny Feld felt the flames of protest become a conflagration.

If someone wants to point out Barnum's animal oddities, remember that his animals were born that way. Veterinary surgery of his day was never practiced to create abnormalities.

Chic Silber said...

There are several versions of

stories regarding the origins

of those angora goats from a

farm in the midwest & I'll

check with Luis Garcia when

I get back to Sarasota soon

He seems to know about them

Wade G. Burck said...

Roger, due respect but that is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. In this world of animosity against animals in the circus, to even lay something like that out there is insane!!!!

Wade Burck

Dennis said...

Whoa there WB Whether you agree with it or not everyone has the right to free speech. When I wrote my book in 2009 there were those who thought it unthinkable that an insider would express a critical opinion, formed first hand, about some people and practices of the circus industry. Others, I believe even you, realized that it was first hand knowledge that should be documented. We will not, and should not agree with everything opined, but we should allow it to be expressed.

Chic Silber said...

As soon as I can get confirmation

on the most likely story version

I will add it as a comment here

Perhaps you should subscribe to

the "Tweet" social media system

that's getting so much attention

nowadays Dennis (anything goes)

Roger Smith said...

WADE: You should have been fully aware of this at the time. Everyone else was. It was laid out there, as you put it, by embittered inside observers. The activists caught on, and at least for this one time, their protests were not based on lies. Kenny Feld was all but tarred-and-feathered by press and public alike. Film of him besieged by reporters over this show him sweating and scrambling for words that would not come. Dennis is right--it was first-hand knowledge, fully exposed for the cruelty it was, all to make a false claim for a circus attraction. The goat suppliers may have been innocent as to the purpose of their sales, but if the word insane applies, it labels the veterinary staff who planned and executed the surgery, and certainly Kenny Feld, upon all of whom the stain of humiliation and shame is indelible. No one should expect the rest of us to shut up and let it pass. Never with this. Never with these people.

Chic Silber said...

Sorry Wade but Roger is mostly correct

Feld purchased 4 Angora goats in early

1984 from Otter Zell a California farmer

The 4 had been surgicaly enhanced when

only a few weeks old in 1979 & Otter

exhibited them (1 at a time) at Fairs

& other attractions from the time they

were about 2 years old until they were

sold to Feld Then in April off 84 the

USDA inspected all 4 goats & found them

to be of good health & well cared for

Showgirl Heather Harris was chosen to

be the goat empress & artwork for both

programs & posters gave the goat more

the look of a horse's head (how clever)

Wade G. Burck said...

Whoa there DY. I too have a right to free speech and an opinion and documented fact is different the an opinion. The unicorn was a local attraction on the west coast before Ringling purchased(I believe rented before purchase) them and with there powerful marketing machine, much as was done with Tommy/King Tusk turned it into a national attraction. Ringling didn't "compel an unscrupulous DVM" to do anything. This is what my opinion was directed at. What Otter Zell the original owner of the unicorn's did or didn't do, I can not attest to. As for your book, had you exposed the culprit's when the infraction's occurred it may have been beneficial in the fight with the ar, helping to convince the world it was about individual's and not an industry. Doing so in 2009 when the movement was rock and rolling at a high level, not nothing more then assure them and the world that they were right all along.

Wade Burck