Thursday, July 27, 2017

#1 Ring Stock

Ernestine Clarke.


Roger Smith said...

And Lou Jacobs. Ernestine's daughter, Kim Baer, affirmed the horse is not Stranger, the horse seen in Ernestine's great split-jump photo. He was a dapple gray. For the present, this horse remains unnamed.

Robert Ringling developed a serious thing for Ernestine. Thus the honor of this program cover, and inclusion inside the '44 program's feature photo layout, titled "Beauties of the Big Top". Robert also presented her with a star dressing top in the same location, near the Back Door, formerly the domain of Lillian Leitzel. Ernestine felt awkward over this, and didn't like the loss of camaraderie in the main LDR. She could hardly refuse this privilege from the then-president of the show, but she enlisted the company of Juanita "Neets" Diesler to share the tent.