Sunday, June 11, 2017

#9 Aerialists

Johnny and Helene Hartzell (nee Helene Rogers) show owners daughter, Cyril Simmons and Jackie Heitzler.
My memory is quite vague about this but I seem to recall Mr. Simmons and wife later came up with an Aerial Production, something like "Peaches Revue"!


Roger Smith said...

We had Peaches O'Neill's girls in the air for many seasons, doing a minimum 6 webs, plus iron jaw, and baton twirling atop sway poles, in beautifully costumed, ideally realized aerial numbers. The act was prominent especially in the '40s and '50s, and booked as Peaches O'Neill's Showtime Revue, or her Sky Star Revue. Home base was Wichita, Kansas. Among her early stars was Charlotte Zeakolean Walsh, nicknamed Zeke, and known later as Charlotte Baudy, famed in these years for her wild animal training.