Monday, June 26, 2017

#8 The Big Cage


Wade G. Burck said...

Bill Golden with Soloman the lion, mentioned above. He came with Bill from Southwick's along with a Sumatran tiger named Tora when Bill went to work with Hawthorn. Soloman had an incredible corrector. Nonchalant about every thing he did, including riding the elephant in the riding act. He stood stretched on a 12 foot pedestal over the tiger's with a "safety gate" swung up when he came in and mounted the pedestal. At the end of the act he would watch the 12 tigers leave, then butt the gate down with his nose, then stroll two two pedestals in the middle of the arena to be mounted for the blow off. You had to be quick to get the two pedestal's set before he arrived or he would turn and stroll out of the arena, leaving you with no blow off. Incredible animal. We later had to replace him when we added the white tiger's to the act, and it was indeed sad for me. He later did a stint in Reno as the MGM lion with my brother Mike, before being used in a tiger act trained by John Cox.

Wade Burck