Saturday, June 10, 2017

#6 Movies


Patricia said...

From "Bedtime for Bonzo" ?

Roger Smith said...

Yes, out of Universal-International, 1951, and directed by long-time TONIGHT SHOW director Fred deCordova. The Bonzo chimps were Peggy, Neil, and Emil, trained at World Jungle Compound by Chief Henry Tyndall. Peggy, as Tyndall's lead chimp, won the Performing Animal Top Star of the Year (The PATSY) Award in 1953 for BONZO GOES TO COLLEGE. She won an "Excellence" award that same year as Cheetah in TARZAN'S SAVAGE FURY, and won again in '54 for VALLEY OF THE HEADHUNTERS. In spite of the claims of all other chimp trainers of the era, it was Henry Tyndall's chimps you see in all 12 Johnny Weissmuller TARZAN films, all 16 of his JUNGLE JIM films, and all 7 TARZAN pictures starring Lex Barker.