Monday, June 19, 2017

#6 Dailey Bros.


Ronald Finch said...

Could someone please explain this? I have seen the phot before but have often wondered why the piggy-back trucks?

Sure some of your followers can shed some light on this.

Thank you so much for your blog!!!!!

Harry Kingston said...

Probably no room on the flats for it and they made room for it piggy backing it.
I wonder if they run into a low bridge what would happen
Dailey bros was a horse of a different color and was not welcomed back to Canada after 1950.

4pawfan said...

I do not know what the job of truck #19 was on the Dailey Bros.Circus. It may have been used to haul wagons from the train to the lot, etc. It looks like an early two car wrecker bed, but it has wooden side boards added to it. These type of two car wreckers were used after WW II and they stopped building them when the roll-back type of beds came around about 20-25 years ago. Early trucks had just a power take off winch on the bottom with a block at the top for the top car. You would chain off the top car after you pulled it up and then run your cable into your bottom stinger to pick up the bottom car. Later these would use electric winches top and bottom and still later would use hydraulic winches. The lower bumpers on newer cars make them hard to use today, but they are still being used by the drivers that haul insurance cars (from wrecker services to insurance salvage pools) as you can back them up into spots that a roll-back couldn't dream of getting in to. The loading ramps slide into the back of the truck after you have loaded the top car or truck. You have a good size space under the top loaded vehicle and this truck might have carried stakes?
We always called these type of wreckers "rocket launchers". I think they were built by both Century and Holmes (now Miller Industry) Herrin built these also, but after this date.

4pawfan said...

sorry, the truck's number is 21 and not 19.

Ronald Finch said...

Thank you for solving a mystery in my mind!

Kelly Byrnes said...

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