Saturday, June 10, 2017

#17 Movies

Keenan Wynn.


Karen Glenn said...

Such a cool pic..of the time they went to Charlotte, NC to make the TV show, Movin' On...with Keenan Wynn, Leo Penn and the gang from the show...such fun... this was one week almost to the day that Ben Williams and I had gotten married. After a few days up there, Barbara called and told me to get on a plane and come up, to try to smooth over Ben...he was in a bad mood...LOL.. I went to talk to the GM at Circus World to get the money and time off for the it done, flew up for the action. I got in the film, during the crowd scene, where the townies were all running from Anna May... I was so easy to see as I had my bright pink hat on. Everyone said that was on purpose. HAHA...
Pretty exciting for a small town girl back then!