Sunday, June 04, 2017

#17 Lady Trainers


Chic Silber said...

1 early spring I cared for

Zelda a leopard cub much

smaller than this for the

Hoovers from Easter until

the Memorial Day date in

Philly & I've never seen

a more ferocious animal


& I was a bleeding idiot

Dennis said...

Great story.

Barbara Woodcock said...

Chic I enjoyed your story. I don't know why that little cat was mean. How old was he when you took care of him ? I only had two that were a little mean. One was. One we got just for breeding. He was six months. The other wasn't really mean just frisky. But the one for breeding I did not raise. The others I raised from five pounds or under. And they were all great, even the frisky one. I just had to love her and cuddle her. And they grew up so loving. I think it was getting them so young. But I could be wrong. those were my first Leopards. And they turned out so good....Barbara....

Chic Silber said...

Zelda was about 2 months old

when Lois & Dave asked me to

care for her & I had her for

about 2 long months but her

brother from the same litter

was exactly the opposite in

disposition I later learned

Over several years when they

came up North from DeLand or

Hialeah with new young cats

in their trailer along with

2 sons & a big dog I became

a short term surrogate dad

Mostly they were terrific

experiences that I enjoyed

Only Zelda was very special

Next time we are at Sonny's

I'll show you a few badges

of Zelda's markings