Monday, June 26, 2017

#17 The Big Cage


Roger Smith said...

Osa Barrada starred on the Suesz shows for many years. He was a past master, and his son, Jorge, continued on with excellent work of his own. Mr. Barrada was also a gentleman in the backyard, and made me the rare gift of a twisted whipstock. This photo may be in the Suesz cat barn in Edmond, Oklahoma winterquarters.

Patricia said...

I never saw father Barrada work, but I thought his son Jorge's lion act was terrific. Jorge and LuAnn are such nice people and take such great care of their elephants

Wade G. Burck said...

Jose is one of the most under rated feline trainers of my generation, along with bears, chimpanzees, and elephants..Yes, Roger this is the lion barn in Edmond, with the elephant ring barn on the back side.

Wade Burck