Friday, June 16, 2017

#1 The "Style"!


Roger Smith said...

The beautiful blonde is Doree. She doubled Meryl Streep in the lion scenes for OUT OF AFRICA. Chief Trainer for that film is the gentleman seen, Hubert Wells. They sat with me at the February premiere of the documentary MABEL, MABEL, TIGER TRAINER. Hubert and I go back to the Jungleland era together. I don't have the name of the elephant. Photo taken in their compound in the canyons South of Thousand Oaks.

GaryHill said...

Roger Smith..who is that Leslie Zemeckis Lady?

Roger Smith said...

That lady is quite someone, indeed. Leslie is a consistent award-winner in the highly competitive fields of both print and film. Her gifts are complimented by those of her husband, Robert Zemeckis, whose Best Director Oscar came from FORREST GUMP. Leslie won awards for her documentary, BEHIND THE BURLY Q, a history of burlesque, with interviews from veterans of the era, including Alan Alda, who was raised backstage in burlesque houses. She was awarded again for her documentary BOUND BY FLESH, on Daisy and Violet Hilton, the siamese twin performers. Her print biography on Lili St. Cyr, GODDESS OF LOVE INCARNATE, has won strong reviews and a full schedule of book signings.

I worked with Leslie for 2 years on MABEL, MABEL, TIGER TRAINER, and she brought a film crew to my living room to shoot a 6-hour interview. On the film festival circuit, we premiered the film in Santa Barbara, in February, and it has so far picked up 4 "Best" awards. Check out the picture's site,, and scroll the headings to see what will come on the DVD.

As an actress, her credits are on IMDb. She will soon be seen in FROM ZERO TO I LOVE YOU, and will co-star soon with Steve Carell. She has her next book underway, plus a new film production of her own. You can keep up with her on Facebook, and at