Tuesday, May 09, 2017


While playing the Detroit Shrine Date  Barbara  had to squeeze past a crowd of Shriners attempting to get Mr. Beatty's picture and ever the Gentleman, Mr. Beatty said "Gladly if you will include this Lady".


Roger Smith said...

When I was running Beatty's tunnel door, dozens of cameras clicked from the front bars, right through to my station on the animal gate. The same when he walked over from his Airstream, and I was walking with him alongside the tunnel. Cameras snapping away. But to this day, I have never found a photo with Beatty and I in the same frame. I have the letters he wrote to me, two in his own hand, but not a single photo of us together. Barbara, this one you have is one to cherish.

Dennis said...

Rodger I have only seen one photo of you ever on Buckles Blog. It was a very nice one at that. Where are the rest?

Roger Smith said...

I'm not sure that anyone has photos of me. Never gave it much thought.