Sunday, May 07, 2017


.....from the Groucho Marx movie "Lydia! O' Lydia! that Encyclopidia.....
Off subject, I'm surprised at all the commotion over the Ringling show closing.
To nobody's surprise.....the death spiral began several years ago when the last elephant was led off the lot.


Roger Smith said...

In my way of looking at it, the death knell sounded loudest when Irvin dropped dead, leaving things to Kenny, who soon lost interest and palmed off running things to his severely ill-equipped daughters. We have to keep in mind, these were music industry people, who became circus owners but never circus people--and there's your difference. When they knuckled under about the elephants, yes, it was one more nail in the coffin, but it will be my contention that the bell had tolled on the day John North sold out to these people.