Wednesday, May 31, 2017

#7 Animal Farms

This picture looks a bit dubious.


Richard Reynolds said...

This photo is legit.

The lady on the rhino is Kathie Lindemann Schulz, the daughter of Roland Lindemann who owned and operated the famous Catskill Game Farm.

She married Jurgen Schulz. He is the grandson of Christoph Schulz (1875 - 1959), the renowned East African animal collector. Christoph went to East Africa in 1908 and collaborated with Carl Hagenbeck in establishing a humane system of animal collecting with proper care and treatment so as to properly acclimate the animals prior to shipment. He built a huge game ranch near Arusha, Tanganyika.

Mrs. Schulz wrote the following to Ken Kawata - -

"The picture of me I think was on a black rhino taken at Carr Hartley's in the days his youngest son was doing the "BABY TARZAN" films for British TV. Jurgen and I traveled each year en route back to Southwest Africa via Kenya. We always saw Carr and his wife. We would take off for a week or two and travel around Kenya and Tanzania with them. We would go to Tsavo, or down to Mombasa. Other times we would head to Arusha to see where Jurgen's grandfather [Christoph] started The Big Game Ranch. That is where Oma Schulz and I buried Opa's ashes years ago looking over the Rift Valley. I always promised to return him to his beloved home. We even had a flat granite stone made with a black rhino engraved on it with the words "Back in his beloved Africa at last" which was put on his grave."

"Carr was a very charismatic man who loved the ladies. He was charming to both young and old alike. We entertained him in Catskill and NYC on his visits. A lot of fun was had with Carr over the years. I always remember he was mentioned in Robert Ruark's book "Something of Value" years ago. . ."