Sunday, May 07, 2017

#2 Extra

.....I have been busy trying to get my wife to buy the Pie Car for me, plenty of room out back to park it!
...but Alas, she won't go for it.


Chic Silber said...

The cars are no problem

Kenneth will likely have

to pay to get rid of them

It's the trackage to get

them to your acreage that

would nix the incentive

Roger Smith said...

Trackage, hell. Lay down a bed of railroad ties and have the Pie Car helicoptered over and lowered in place. Paint over the RBB death marker, title it as you like, and you'll create a jackpot magnet heretofore unseen.

Chic Silber said...

Most 60s coach cars & the

pie cars weigh between 60

& 75 tons each which make

them a pretty hefty lift

Bob Horne has a wealthy

benefacter Harvey Vengrof

who spent great amounts of

time & money to get a few

old cars moved less than

3 miles in Sarasota to

the old Stottlemyer lot

on Fruitville Road where

they now sit including

the rusted out hulk of

what was the "Jomar"

Vengrof has proposed

building some low cost

housing units on this

property which could

be the death warrent

for poor Bob's train

When Art Concello died

the 3 cars that sat on

the cutoff track tail

on his property behind

17th Street had to be

cut apart & hauled away

as low end scrap iron

So much for the local

"Private Varnish"