Friday, April 21, 2017

#3 Aerialists

1929 Flying Wards.
Top Row 3&4 Wayne Lary and Tuffy Genders.  


Mary Gray Frasier said...

Seated second from right looks like Mayme Ward.

Buckles said...

I could be wrong but I believe Mayme is 3rd from right.

Buckles said...

I never trouped with Miss Ward but the stories from John Herriott on the Gil Gray Show where she was Wardrobe Mistress are legendary!

Roger Smith said...

The lady standing @ R is Gracie Genders, Tuffy's wife, the former Grace Moore. As I saw her lineage some years back, she was the sister of Eva Moore, who married Emmett Kelly. Eva was the mother of Emmett Leo Kelly, Jr., and Patrick Kelly. She and Emmett divorced, and she married clown cop Joe Lewis. They are interred together in Peru, close to the grave of Jess Adkins.

I read that Mayme Ward, in the catch trap, was the only woman to swing up and catch a triple somersaulter. Steve Gossard might confirm this. I'm among those hoping for Johnny's Mayme Ward stories.

lesa mcclay said...

The man on the far left is Alec Todd,(he also worked with The Flying Herberts).
He was married to Jennie Ward. Alec was my uncle.
His niece,(my aunt), was Millie who married Harold Ward, a generation later.