Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#17 Windjammers


Roger Smith said...

My great pal and fellow Texan, William R. "Boom-Boom" Browning, Jr. He was a triple-threat as drummer, bandleader, and announcer. Behind him stood 76 Wagon, which carried Beatty's arena, on top of which was stacked those knuckle-busting sections of the cat tunnel. It fell to me to pull those awkwardly folded pieces up into place. On wet nights, the sections could quickly slide off, taking me with them. 76 also carried the welding unit, and had a supply compartment strictly controlled by Tommy Clarke. So the 70 series designated Beatty's Cat Dept.: 76 as described, 77--all cat cages, and 78--cages and sleeper.

Don said...

Great series of photos Buckles.

On behalf of all windjammers, thanks for recognizing the important contribution of circus musicians.

Don Covington