Monday, April 24, 2017

#1 Animal Farms


Roger Smith said...

This photo was dated as 1932. The first title was Goebel's Lion Farm. When his inventory quickly became varied for movie work, the title read Goebel's Wild Animals. He sold to Billy Richards and Trader Horne, who ran the place as World Jungle Compound from 1946 to late 1955. Then, James Ruman and Sid Rogel, execs at 20th Century-Fox tried to compete with Disney, and called it Jungleland, the title that remained until we closed on October 9, 1969. Heinz and Lutz Ruhe gave the place a try from 1961 to 1963, but proved a miserable failure. The death knell sounded when the Compound fell into the hands of Roy Kabat, partnered with Tex and Ina Scarbrough. I detail some of this in the documentary "Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer".