Monday, March 27, 2017

#14 Al G. Barnes

The first lady at left looks like Ernestine Clarke.


Roger Smith said...

Yes, of the ladies on L, she is in front. She was born Elizabeth Laura Clarke, the daughter of Ernest Clarke and Elizabeth Rebecca Hanneford. She was nicknamed Ernestine, and then Ernie, from her beginnings--which were in Hell's Kitchen, New York City, on October 17, 1921. Never her formal name, Ernestine was the one which followed her. She is buried in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, with her plaque not including the name Laura. It reads Elizabeth Ernestine Clarke Baer. She died on her husband Parley's 86th birthday, August 5, 2000. Her marker further reads, "The Center Ring Spotlight Will Never Shine As Bright".

Richard Reynolds said...

Who is the pretty girl on the right with the zebra?

Patricia said...

Don't know who the girl w/ zebra is, but I enjoy the photos of all the zebras trained back in the olden days. Not an easy task- someone once said, "If zebras were easy to train, everybody in Africa would be riding one."