Sunday, March 26, 2017

#13 Hangin' Paper!


Bob Swaney said...

The great paper hanger Ralph Gifford and crew. Although he'd also been with the Beatty show and Carson & Barnes, Ralph said his dream was to bill for The Greatest Show On Earth. Ralph's dream came true and he was on a Feld billing gig when he took ill and later passed away. Last I heard, his wife, Suzie, was carrying on the business from Hugo. RIP Ralph--dear friend and colleague.

Harry Kingston said...

I helped Ralph out when he was close to my area and helped him bill a few times to learn the art of being a biller.
One time close he gassed up all the trucks and it had water in it and knocked out all the trucks fort the day so I took around in my car and we billed the area real good.
He was the last of an era and yes got to work for Ringling as he did my town a few times.
I still think to this day if the shows would bill it better they would get more people in but now tv is the answer but what it costs,
Also helped out the Beatty Cole crew too and allen Pierson.

Bob Swaney said...

Ralph also billed Feld's Disney On Ice and Monster Jam. He was very proud of his Feld association at the end of an illustrious billing career.