Thursday, March 23, 2017

#1 Carson & Barnes

I'm not up to date these days but might this not be the Last Show Standing?


Harry Kingston said...

I got to see there new performance recently and they have a show and very well done.
They bought Dick Gardens tent and it looks great but smaller than the last one but it is still a tent circus with animals.
They packed them in San Leon, Tx on a wet lot.
If Carson and Barnes presents circus Saurus comes your way it is sometning to see for sure.

Bob Cline said...

You still have Carson and Barnes, Kelly-Miller and Universoul under canvas with elephants. The Hanneford Canvas dates such as the Big E do also. Circus World in Baraboo will again be under canvas with an elephant act. I don't know if Tarzan Zerbini is under canvas anymore. I haven't seen their show in years.


Harry Kingston said...

A circus fans friend of mine just saw Tarzan Zerbini under canvas in Joplin,Mo for the Ronald McDonel foundation.

Chic Silber said...

This clown illustration

looks a lot like Billy McCabe

Mike Naughton said...

The clown's face is a stylized version of Harry Dann. Billy had a similar make-up but this is Harry.

Roger Smith said...

Harry Dann, Billy McCabe, and Kenny Dodd had similar makeups in the neat whiteface tradition.

Chic Silber said...

Both Billy & Kenny were

desciples of Harry Dann

Billy had 2 little circles

between his eyebrows