Saturday, February 04, 2017

#9 Gunther


Mike Naughton said...

Press Agent Extraordinaire, the late Jack Ryan on the left. Jack coined the phrase, "May All Your Days Be Circus Days" when he wrote the first program book under Feld ownership.
Several years later, legendary circus choreographer Richard Barstow took the phrase and created a signature tune that was sung at the end of the show. While Barstow came up with the melody it was Bill Pruyn who wrote the score.
If you were lucky enough to hear it live, you're lucky enough.

All together now!

"May All Your Days Be Circus Days.
A Merry Spangled World of Delight.
May All Your Days Be Children's Laughter, Ever After, In The Spotlight.

Troubles Begone. Swing On High! Join The Parade Before It Passes By.

May All Your Days Be Circus Days.
One Hundred Thousand Score.
There Will Always Be A Circus,
Forever And Ever More."