Thursday, February 02, 2017

#7 Movies

Mae West.


Roger Smith said...

Mabel Stark's reputation had become established in Hollywood when she helped launch the screen career of Buster Crabbe, in Paramount's KING OF THE JUNGLE (1933). He had narrowly missed being cast as Tarzan, edged out by another Olympic champ, Johnny Weissmuller. Buster did a Tarzan knock-off in a shorter loin cloth that almost didn't pass the Hays Office code. With Mabel's home show, Al. G. Barnes, conveniently located nearby, Mae West insisted Paramount secure Mabel as her double for the animal shots in I'M NO ANGEL, later that same year. These two highly-successful, head-strong women quickly became fast friends. Against the horrified shrieks of studio execs, Mae actually went in with the lions, moving among them as Mabel instructed. The extraordinary achievement in film editing is hard to catch, when Miss West, as Tyra, is working certain parts of the act.