Sunday, February 12, 2017

#5 Circus Vargas

Came across this Journal that started me off on this rant!
Can't understand why I should have been interested in the show's attendance.


Harry Kingston said...

I met Cliff when he played Houston, Tx open air in a horse arena and he was great to us circus fans.
It was Miller Johnson back then and had packed houses as he was a great promoter.
Then he came to Beaumont, Tx where I live and packed them in and made tons of money.
I worked at a local tv station and I made sure the show got publicity ever day.
I got invited to one of there parties in January and Cliff had on his full length mink coat and of the acts were there also.
Cliff had packed shows for all the performances while in town here and what a performance it was.
How many circuses have you fans ever seen with two different cat acts.
The bakers with 2 rings of horses.
Rex Williams with many elephants.
Years later at the tv station I got a call from Cliff and he said Harry I need a complete set of poles etc for my tent.
Well I said Cliff let me see what I can do for you and a local machine shop built them all for Cliffs second tent.
Bill Biggerstaff I knew worked the front in the marquee and many times in his fishing box had up and above $20,000 plus selling reserved seats.
Before I got married Mom and I went to the circus and one time in November it was cold and raining and Cliff saw us out front and called us in and took us to the presidents box to get out of the cold and wet.
For all of Cliffs faults he was a master showman to me and I always was welcomed to his circus and set a high standard for a tent circus that has never been equaled in modern times.