Wednesday, February 01, 2017

#13 Movin' On!


Barbara Woodcock said...

The producers wanted to buy our contract out from the RBB&B Circus. Buckles said I had gone Hollywood. We were on location Ben & I were sitting down with the producers & their wives. I ask them how much time it would take & what kind of money. They said that the way Anna May worked that it would take 6 months to do a 2 hour movie and get thirteen film in the can And we would get a MILLION DOLLARS for our end even if they didn't pick it up. I said I liked that. They wanted Ben and I to play brother & sister wanted to use Shannon as Keenen Wynn's grandson. ( we had showed them pictures of A.M. with Shannon.) But they had to have an answer right away because they had to get the writers on it. So folks I love my husband a million dollars worth. REALLY MORE THAN THAT. For sure. I sure did want to do it though. That's life. This show biz is alright.....Barbara....

klsdad said...

I wish I could pay you $$$$Million for just these
commentaries today!!!!!!!! They're worth it!!
Best to you, Buckles.. and Anna May.. and all!!