Thursday, February 02, 2017

#10 Movies

I remember the day my father asked Miss Stark to autograph this picture.
We were out West with Rudy Bros. and would stop by Thousand Oaks occasionally while enroute.


Roger Smith said...

When Mabel signed this for Colonel Woodcock, in 1946, she had just returned to her tigers, after 4 years as a "Rosie the Riveter" for Lockheed, down in Burbank. Not long after Pearl Harbor, Parley Baer was stationed in the Pacific Islands, as a Captain in the Army Air Corps. While on tour with West Coast Shows, in a letter to Parley dated July 21, 1942, she stated she could be "of more service to my country than chasing cats." She first thought of the ambulance service, but she and her husband Eddie Trees were all but grabbed off the streets when they showed up at Lockheed. The couple worked there for the duration, and falling back on her graduate nurse's training, Mabel was made First Aid Captain for her section of the plant. Mabel had boarded her tigers with C.R. Montgomery, up in Albany, Oregon. After V-J Day, she brought them back to the Compound, in Thousand Oaks, and resumed touring with Jimmy Wood's Yankee-Patterson Circus, in '46.