Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#6 We're On The Wrong Lot!


Bernd S. said...

Hallo Sir, dear blogger of Buckles blog,
I'm an US model train builder, I'm living in Germany and I love to build also small items from scratch besides of model train cars. Please compare my website - sorry in German however many pictures.
I friend did sent my a link of this elephants with the elephant rider on it and an oil lamp in his hand. And he said, that this picture shóuld be a very nice addition of use for your fine models of oil lamps which you built.
Yes I have build such small oil lamps prefered for use on maodel railroads - please see this gallery with the whole description in pictures.
And now this picture, a very rare use of oil lamps! So I would like to ask to receive your permission for using this picture on my website - including an extra line of "with permission of ..." or "courtesy ..." or I can insert an copyright sign and your name onto picture. Please type "courtesy" above in search field of left column on my website and you will find lots of samples how I like to work with pictures of alien ownership.
I would be lucky to receive your permission and will like to follow your guideline how I should mark your ownership. I this pictures should be come from another source and if you will know the source or ownership I would be lucky if you can send me this information or please send my question to this owner. It would be a very nice addition on my website and for my description showing this extraordinary use of such a lamp as a front signal of an elephant parade.
Thank you very much for your answer and I would be lucky to receive your answer.
Please send an answer to my mail address -
Sincerely yours
Bernhard Schroeter from Dresden Germany

Bernd S. said...

Sorry, a second entry, not for publishing.
I have written an mail address on my first comment. Ok, you can use them or you can use also the answer function of your blog. Your answer will reach to me also, of course. However please do not publish the firts commts with my question.
If I should receive your permission for using of this picture I will write a new commebt with a short thanks for permission.
And I can add a link to your blog on my website so you will have a lot of additional visitors, I think.
Best regards again - Bernhard