Thursday, September 24, 2015

From Richard Reynolds #2

Katoto was one of 5 African calves (2 females and 3 males) imported from Ruaha National Park, Taganyika in Nov. 1952. This was via an expedition conducted by Director Lang of the Basel Zoo. Later, in 1956 all were sent to Circus Knie for training. In 1956 Knie toured with 7 Africans, 2 of which they already had.
By 1972, Katoto had become aggressive, very dangerous, and Basel Zoo had him euthanized during that year.

John Roth


Richard Reynolds said...

This photo is John Roth at the Albuquerque's Rio Grande Zoo in 1967. He is taking a farewell ride on the zoo's Tia before leaving to become the first professional zoo director of Zoo Atlanta. He had previously worked here in the States at Philadelphia zoo. After Atlanta he returned to the Rio Grande Zoo. Meanwhile, he operated his own animal transport company. In that role he delivered a black rhino to the Atlanta zoo in 1972. He now lives in retirement in North Carolina.