Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pit Shows #5


Chic Silber said...

Frank Pealer had a trailer mounted

snake show on Vargas for many years

Roger Smith said...

Frank Pealer may have faded from memory for many, unless they are familiar with the days when the Vargas three-ring Big Top was the same size as that of Beatty-Cole. Frank was Boss Canvasman. I visited Pat Anthony and Big John Richards over there in Garland, Texas, in '76, when word came from the Highway Patrol that 80-to-90 mph sustained gusts of wind were coming from the West, and local officials were cancelling the show. Cliff gathered everyone in the Big Top, exhorting one and all to cherry pie for tear-down. His emphasis was, "Listen to Frank Pealer, and drop this thing! We're running out of time!" I helped tear down Pat's arena and 86 the props. Cast and crew dropped Cliff's top just as the long side stakes were pulling. We saved the tent without a second to spare. Once the winds passed, all became calm, and the threat was gone. But the date was considered lost. Cliff ordered the show loaded out, and they began the long jump to Petaluma, California.

Harry Kingston said...

I knew Frank from his Vargas days and he was about the size of a 2 by 4 piece of wood.
Bob Snowden was in town with his Last super in wax at the local mall.
Bob had a heart attack here and Frank came in to load it up and I helped out Frank get it done and little did I know Frank was a Didrisky.
Harry in Texas