Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pit Shows #12

Lee Bradley, Bill Woodcock, Sam Price, and Fearless Frank Ellis.
Frank's place was right down town in Hugo and I remember someone asking a guy how he liked having a Python and a Gorilla for next door neighbors and he said, "They are OK but that loud mouth A__ H__ that owns them has got to go.
There was an old gent who worked for Frank named Amos Grady Harding who always said that at one time he had been Mayor of Savannah, Tennessee.
Is there such a town?


Ole Whitey said...

Yes there is a Savannah, TN. Francis Kitzman knew Grady from the Russell show and said once they played Savannah and Grady had a bunch from the show over to the house- his wife didn't object until Grady sawed off some of the chair legs to accommodate the midgets in the group. Also Kitz said all over town were banners reading "Welcome Home Grady Hardin."

I think I've told this on the Blog once before. Must be getting old.