Monday, August 31, 2015

James Bros. #1

I sure miss Sid Kellner, Great Guy!
In 1969 he booked the three small elephants I had trained for him to appear with the E.K Fernandez Circus in Hawaii. I remained behind with "Anna May" and Sid's larger elephant "Ellie".
Barbara said the flight over there was a nightmare, apparently the crates were built too large and allowed the elephants room to thrash about violently to the extent that at one point one of the crew members came back with a pistol.
I took this picture as they were about to depart and noticed the tips of the wings bobbing up and down a bit but assumed they knew what they were doing.


Harry Kingston said...

I met Sid on Gorge Mathews great London circus and yes a real swell guy and very nice to us fans.
He played a ritzy mall in Houston,Texas and did great business and shot shot a ton of 16mm film.
He even got us in a high rise hotel way up on a balcony to take a wide shot of his circus from above.
First time in my life I saw a huge pile of candy bars in the airconditioned office wagon.
I think D R Miller bought the complete show later on.
I arrowed the show to the next stop for Sid near my town.
Yes Buckles he is surely missed.
Harry in Texas

Chic Silber said...

I recognize that National Boeing 727

That aircraft had a large cargo door

National was 1 of my favorite airlines

during the 60s & 70s as it flew many

of the routes I used often enough

that they presented me with a "Star"

card which was their VIP program

That was also the airline that got

some heat for their "Fly Me" ads

featuring the hot pants attendants

Them were real good & easy travels

Chic Silber said...

Sadly National was absorbed into

PanAm at the end of 79 & it was

all downhill after that

Roger Smith said...

Uncle Sid almost had a heart attack when we played Seattle, in January of '69. I was there with the Jungleland lions, and just South of town, I hit black ice and skidded into a ditch. The wreck wasn't bad. No one was hurt. But when we finally got towed in, with the help of Nick Bengor, Kellner met us at the back gate more white of face than his clowns. He was trembling until I assured him the lions, my pregnant wife, and I were all up and running. The guys set the cage, we lined up the boxes, and just as the announcer called my name, I came running out of the dressing room, still zipping up my pants.

Bob Swaney said...

DC-8. 727s have a smooth "Boeing" nose area. No inlets.

Chic Silber said...

Yes Bob I see it but the 8's I recall

National flying had black nose caps

(obviously not all of them)