Friday, July 31, 2015

Ed Sullivan #16


Harry Kingston said...

Your costumes were made for color tv and looks like a Technicolor movie.
Was this the late 1960's?????
CBS used Norelco color cameras as the local tv station I worked for also used them to match color with the network.
Ed Sullivan if he liked you and your act you were on for life on his really big shoeeeeee but make him mad just forget it.
I would like to see the appearance of Clyde Beatty in that square cage as it scared Sullivan
Harry in Texas

Eric Beheim said...


Stay tuned! Frame enlargements from that 1957 Beatty appearance on the Sullivan show will be appearing here shortly.


Dick Flint said...

Thanks, Eric, for helping Buckles blog with your contributions and skill in making frame enlargements! Looking forward to the 1957 Beatty appearance.

Eric Beheim said...

Buckles’ ability as an EDITOR of the photos that were sent to him deserves mention. From a 2 ½ minute segment, I “grabbed” about 80 frames and winnowed these down to 45. Buckles selected the best ones and, in some cases, changed the order in which they appear in the video. The end result is a pictorial gem that is far superior to just running the 45 images that were submitted.

Roger Smith said...

To Burt Reynolds credit, when he hosted a re-hash of the Sullivan shows, he correctly
pronounced the name as BAY-tee. Thanks, ERIC, for the forthcoming photos of Beatty's '57 appearance--it's the one Burt referred to. See my comment about this episode above. It's the one resulting in disaster when Ed demanded incorrect staging.