Saturday, February 28, 2015

From Chic Silber

Comment by Buckles:

 "This was from the opening  production number at the Circus World Theme Park in 1977.
When I mentioned this show was in the works, Bobby Johnson told me where they kept the old spec blankets stashed in Venice so I went down and strong armed a few.
No idea what year or unit it came from, made for a shorter elephant but worked out OK.
This is one of the elephants Gary Hill brought up from Texas that I named Hugo Schmitt.
Barbara will have to tell you about the costume, maybe Don Foote came up with it?"


Barbara Woodcock said...

I loved doing this with "Hugo" & "Odin". When Hugo arrived he was wild. I told Buckles he had bitten off more than he could chew. Hugo would throw manure at the guys, and just misbehave in general. But I had to eat my words. Later I ended up working Hugo in the center ring doing the hind leg walk, and the one foot stand. And I was happy to eat my words. I am very proud of Buckles for the job he did with "Hugo".....Barbara.....

Chic Silber said...

"55 Program #1"

Gorgeous Gal with a Leopard

Riding an Elephant

Funny thing it seems to me that

I've seen a gorgeous gal with a

leopard riding an elephant but I

just can't seem to place it

Yup it was at CW years ago

Chic Silber said...

The building was called "Circus

Day Theater" & the show was titled

"The Day The Circus Comes To Town"

Sometime in March we can hear all

different versions of CW history

GaryHill said...

When I loaded him up in Texas in the Ringling trailer, I told the drive not to step up with him or he would slug ya if he didn't know you..Red Unit with Gunther was playing at the State Fair of Texas coliseum and the guy told me that GGW would straighten him up. He didn't make it down the road before Hugo head butted the side doors open..had to tighten him up alittle and chain the door shut..then they went to a truck stop in Mesquite and the driver crawled up with him and got nailed..funny thing he never even gave me the Hairy Eyeball? :)

Cindy Potter said...

I never realized this was Hugo! WOW! Hugo had just been at CW just a week or so when I began to work there. (As a TOTAL first-of-May, I was instructed to BEWARE!) I remember watching Buckles work with Hugo and was in AWE of his patience...and, he NEVER raised his voice, just calmly repeated the command...Hugo eventually "stretched" out. I had never seen ANYTHING like it!

Hugo sported a martingale for most of the time I was there, and was STILL able to flip Scott's cousin Rusty over the front of the barn! Rusty was walking down the picket line and "disappeared!" It happened ssooo fast! I looked up Rusty. About 3 seconds later, I see Rusty peaking over the short barrier between the front barn and the wrought iron fence!

(I cant remember what I did 20 minutes ago, BUT THIS I REMEMBER!!)


Cindy Potter