Friday, February 27, 2015

From April Zinc

Johnny on cassette mp3- Old Showman's Heaven -1999

At one time I purchased a cassette through Circus Report of Johnny reading his poetry. Here is the mp3 of his Old Showman's Heaven. and I've also included the track "Circus was my Thing".... what a legacy! we'll miss him.

I'm sure they're under copyright protection, but I knew you've heard these, and I'm enjoying listening to him this morning.


JC Hall said...

I sure recall listening to Colonel Herriott in Baraboo in the early years when I was a teenager and thought then he made circus life sound so appealing, that if I had not been born in the business, I would have surly ran off and joined a circus.
A true Icon of the Big top, and a lot of fun to debate with. A class act when it came to training and presenting a variety of animals act over the years. I take honor in having been around in a time to have got to meet and know so many fine folks such as Johnny Herriott. Will miss that part Sir. JC Hall

Cindy Potter said...

Thanks for sharing, April!
I've had a copy on my office wall for about 20 years!
Cindy Potter

Roger Smith said...

APRIL: How do we access this mp3 thing?

CINDY: Please post GAZOONIE for us.

Chic Silber said...

Yes both of you please post the

MP3 link & the Gazoonie dialog