Sunday, April 27, 2014

1977 Movin' On #1

I wonder how many movies Keenan Wynn made in his career? I saw him in "Annie Get Your Gun" a few days ago and a dance movie last night.
Here he is with "Anna May" checking into the motel on location in Charleston, NC.


Buckles said...

This came about while we were at Circus World, the only phone call I ever got from Irvin Feld came one day saying that he had been contacted by a West Coast acquaintance exclaiming that his movie was in production but the elephant had backed out and they were floundering around using rubber ears and fake feet but the production had finally shut down and he frantically wanted to know if they had an elephant that could to that type stuff.
Finally he said there's a guy with an elephant named "Anna May" we're trying to track down but can't locate him and Mr. Feld said, "No problem! He works for me at the park in Orlando!"
So I loaded up "Anna May", my wife, Ben and Gary Jacobson and they went on location for a week or so.

Hal Guyon said...

I think you mean Charleston, South Carolina.

Roger Smith said...

IMDb gives Keenan Wynn 278 acting credits for both film and TV.